Best laptops for kids 2016

best laptop for kids

Are you searching for the perfect laptop for your child? Then stay right where you are, you’ve landed on just the right place. Finding the right laptop can be very difficult especially if you are looking for one that’s going to be appropriate for a child. You want it to be right and it has to be feature packed for them not to get bored, but on the other hand you don’t want to be spending a fortune either.

Kids can be quite rough and tough on their gadgets and belongings, so you really don’t want to be spending big, however you do need it to stand the test of time.

So here we have a list of all the best laptops that are ideal for kids and the pros and cons of each of them.

The top 10 laptops for kids in 2016

  1. Goldengulf 7 inch latest Green 4.1 JellyBean Mini Andriod Computer laptop.
  2. HP Stream 11 inch laptop which included, office 365 personal for one year.
  3. Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus NP940X3G – K06US 13.3 inch laptop.
  4. VTech Brilliant Creations, Advanced Notebook.
  5. White 7 inch Mini Notebook Laptop Netbook Andriod WiFi Windows Hd Solid Black Mini laptop.
  6. Proscan PLT 8 TAB KB 8 – inch Tablet in black.
  7. Amar Black 10 inch Mini Notebook Laptop Netbook Andriod 4.0 WiFi Mini Laptop Netbook.
  8. Discovery kids Teach n Talk Exploration Laptop in pink.
  9. Amarelec Green Andriod 4.0 7 inch Mini Notebook laptop
  10. Red 7 inch Mini Notebook laptop Netbook Android 4.0 4 GB storage.

How to choose the best laptops for kids

Well the point is that kids don’t require the same high end equipment that adults need for instance a full TB of storage space or quad processors. When it comes to laptops for kids keeping things simple really is the key. There are some factors that have to be considered when buying a kids laptop including:

Must be portable

Kids are just the same as us when it comes to wanting to take their gadgets with them wherever they go and it’s the same with a laptop. They want to be able to pick up and carry their laptop wherever they are. The point to mention here is that you don’t want to be getting a heavy laptop and there are many reasons for this, obviously, you don’t want your child to be carrying a heavy weight and another reason is that should they drop the laptop there is likely to be quite a lot of damage.

Make sure it has good quality sound and video

Kids love videos and listening to music so these are very important features to be looking out for. You want the new laptop to have a good set of speakers and a microphone. Kids love chatting and listening to music wherever they are with their friends as well as watching movies and videos.

Must be able to play games

This is another important feature that you will have to keep in mind, kids absolutely love their games and a good kids laptop should be able to meet with this requirement.

Surfing the net

Browsing the internet is very important for kids as they are constantly using social media to chat with their friends. It is so important that they have the opportunity to chat with their friends and connect with others that have the same interests as they do.

The top 3 laptops for kids – explained

Goldengulf Mini Android laptop NetBook

This laptop is said to be the very best one on the market for kids. It’s a fantastic choice either as a first computer or for those who are much more familiar with technology. It has a small screen which measures 7 inches and is nice and easy for children to be able to type on. It’s lightweight which makes it the ideal choice if it’s likely to be carried around quite a lot. It is the perfect choice for functionality as well as media. It has a nice and elegant slim design, so it looks absolutely amazing. As I say it’s lightweight, it weighs in at only 1.6 lbs which makes it superb for carrying around the place. It is fully equipped with all the latest features that your child will love, so they can watch videos, movies, download, listen to music, video chatting with friends. It is perfect for jus browsing the web too.

This laptop also has an SD card which is provided so that you can store extra files and media files, you can also transfer things form one laptop to another. The battery life is about 2 hours, but with this model you can charge it up while you’re on the go.

This laptop is just amazing, as it’s feature packed, lightweight, slim, and will provide your child with so much entertainment. It is made of high quality and has been built to stand the test of time and wear and tear. This laptop really is a good investment and definitely one to consider for your child!

HP Stream 11 Laptop

This is another superb choice of laptop for your child. It has an 11 inch screen which is quite a bit larger than the majority of kids laptops, but it is still lightweight, weighing in at 2.82lbs, which is a great weight for a child’s laptop. Having a large screen is perfect as your child will be able to enjoy better viewing of games, movies, videos etc. It is packed full of great features that your child is going to love. The batter life is about 8.15 hours, which is absolutely amazing for a child’s laptop. With this laptop you also receive a year’s trial of the full MS office program, which is perfect if your child is older and has lots of homework to do.

This laptop has been built stand wear and tear as it is so durable, all in all this laptop is great, it’s lightweight, has a large screen, is highly responsive and is high quality. It really is another one well worth considering for your child’s laptop.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus

Your child will love this laptop it has a large screen which makes it great for watching videos or movies as well as playing games and chatting with friends. The screen is touch screen and measures 13.3 inches. It has Quad HD, super bright technology which would be totally awesome for when your child is watching videos and playing games. It is equipped with Intel core i7 which offers a faster processing performance. If your child is planning on surfing the web then this laptop is perfect for this too. With this laptop you’ll have access to lots of cool apps that have been developed by Samsung Apps and these apps are only available on Samsung products. These apps include games, e books, entertainment as well as educational apps. These cool apps have been designed specifically for the Samsung touch screen. All in all this laptop is perfect, it is lightweight, is feature packed, and has a larger screen for great viewing.

Final thoughts

There are many great kid’s laptops available in 2016, we have mentioned three of the very best ones here and they each have their pros. It’s important to remember when buying a laptop for your child that it has to be durable, and it has to be feature packed. You should choose one that’s lightweight, but if you can, choose one that’s lightweight but has a large screen, as kids just love playing games and watching movies and a large screen will be perfect for this. So good luck with choosing, but like I say, there are plenty about, but just keep in mind the important features that kids are going to need in order to fully enjoy their new laptop, after all, it’s only a good investment if your child is actually going to enjoy using it.

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