The best laptops for photo editing 2016

The best laptops for photo editing 2016

Do you absolutely love photography or photo editing? Do you think of yourself as a bit of a pro when it comes to Photoshop? Or maybe you’re a professional photo editor? Whatever you consider yourself to be, you’re going to want the best laptop for your photo editing requirements, and luckily for you, we have a great selection, right here!

When considering a laptop for photo editing there are many points to consider with one main point being the processor, it must be powerful, and the other key points are, you’ll need a high resolution and also a colour accurate display.

Here we have listed the top 10 laptops of 2016 which are all perfect for your photo editing needs. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Acer Aspire V17 Nitro black edition VN7 – 791G – 71P5 17.3 inch full HD laptop
  2. Lenovo Z70 17.3 inch laptop (80FG0037US) black
  3. Apple MacBook pro MGXC2LL/A 15.4 inch laptop with Retina Display (latest version)
  4. Toshiba CB35 – B3340 13.3 inch Chromebook 2 with full HD screen
  5. Dell Computer XPS 15 XP15 -4737 sLV 15.6 INCH LAPTOP
  6. MSI GE70 Apache Pro -012 17.3 inch laptop
  7. Asus Transformer Book 12 inch T200TA – C1 – BL 2 in 1 Detachable touch screen laptop
  8. HP ENVY 15t i7 – 4710HQ Quad Core Notebook laptop pc
  9. Asus N550JK – DS71T 15.6 inch full HD Touch screen Aluminium laptop
  10. Lenovo Yoga 2 11.6 inch Touch screen 2 in 1 laptop pc

When you’re thinking about investing in a laptop that’s suitable for photo editing you should be thinking about whether you are going to be going for Windows or Chrome OS, here we’ll discuss each of them and offer the pros and cons as to which one will best suit your photo editing needs.

Choosing between Windows and Chrome OS

If you are an Adobe user then you really don’t want to be going for Chrome OS as Adobe just doesn’t exist on Chrome OS. Windows does have Adobe, so this is probably the better option for your photo editing needs. You can still go for the Chrome OS if you wanted to as there is a way out of the Adobe point and that’s Pixlr Touch Up.

Another downside to Chrome OS is that it just doesn’t have as much space on the hard drive for example a HP Chromebook 14 has 16GB of local storage and Google offers 15GB of cloud storage for absolutely nothing, no cost to you at all and you can also access 100GB of cloud storage for nothing, however after two years you will have to start to pay for it. Acer Aspire V3 which offers Windows has 500GB of storage on the hard drive and also offers 15GB of One Drive Storage too, which is absolutely awesome.

How to choose between Core i5 and Core i7

Well both of these have come from intel’s 4th generation family and they both have Hyper Threading Technology too, so how do you choose? What exactly is the difference? Well they both enable you to multitask and they both greatly boost your computers performance, what this all means is you can carry out several applications at the same time without having to worry about your computer crashing etc. So you can be uploading photos while you’re working on Photoshop, which means a better user experience for you.

The difference between these two is the power, yes, Core i5 can carry out many applications at the same time and is absolutely perfect, your computer won’t be crashing, freezing or lagging but with the Core i7 you’ll get all of this and more, the power on the Core i7 is just amazing and it has been especially designed for photo editing, which will enable you to create top class photos.

Yes the Core i7 is definitely the best CPU that you can buy and they are the very best for graphics, power, speed, performance and colour accuracy. If you’re a professional photo editor then you want to be going for the Core i7, it is just the very best that’s available. However if you’re a more casual photo editor then the Core i5 will do just fine and will be a lot cheaper too.

Here are the top three laptops for photo editing in 2016

  1. Acer Aspire V17

This laptop really is at the very top when it comes to performance, quality and style. It comes with a superb screen which measures in at 17.3 inches and is just simply the best when it comes to photo editing. It boasts a Core i7 processor which means you’ll be getting the very best that’s available when it comes to power it really is a beast If you’re a professional photo editor you really can’t get better than the Core i7.

With the Acer Aspire V17 you’re photo editing will be an enjoyable experience thanks to all that this clever beast has to offer. You really will have no worries when it comes to speed and performance with this laptop.

It offers a full HD IPS Display which offers bright colours and also detailed imagery, which is found from all angles, this really is the best for professional photo editors.

There’s another great bonus too and that’s the red lighted keyboard, yes, with this laptop you’ll have no worries if you’re planning on working at night, it will be an enjoyable experience and will mean that you can get more things done!

All in all this is the best that’s available and it’s not hard to see why it’s at the top of the list, it’s an absolute cracker!

  1. Lenovo Z70 (80FG0037US)

This laptop boasts a large screen which you would imagine means a heavy laptop, well think again, yes, the screen is large, but this laptop is so lightweight you wouldn’t imagine. This laptop has the perfect combination of having Core i7 and also discrete NVIDIA graphics.

With this laptop comes an anti glare display which means you will  be able to fully enjoy the full HD resolution even if you’re out and about in strong sunshine.

You’ll have a high level of RAM with this laptop and lots of storage on the hard drive, 1000GB and you’ll have a very fast processor along with amazing graphics and obviously an awesome large screen, which will make your photo editing experience very enjoyable indeed.

The battery life is great and this battery also uses advanced energy saving technology, so you will be able to photo edit for even longer, without the worry.

This is a great laptop for all your photo editing needs, and definitely one to be considering!

  1. Apple MacBook Pro MGXC2LL/A

This is just a beast of a machine and will definitely stand the test of time and to get a long lasting battery with this beast, Apple removed the optical drive.

The viewing angles on this machine are awesome and the retina display is amazing and the screen is just so bright. With MacBook Pro you’ll be getting a fast beast of a machine along with functionality and innovation, and a machine that is fully capable of handling heavy tasks.

The design is just awesome as are the majority of Apple’s laptops, Apple really do take their laptops to a new level for greater user experience.

Yes this laptop is just amazing and just had to make the top three laptops for photo editing in 2016. Apple have done it again with this beast, you really won’t be disappointed, one to consider for sure!

Final thoughts

Choosing a laptop that’s suitable for photo editing can be a difficult decision, there are just so many to choose from, how do you choose? Well hopefully, there is one on our list that has caught your eye they all fully deserve to make the top ten laptops of 2016. Just remember that if you’re a professional photo editor you’re should be going for Core i7 and if you’re more of a casual photo editor then Core i5 will do just great and will be cheaper too. Windows is definitely the better option compared to Chrome OS and you really want to be looking for one with a nice large screen, to really show off your photos. Well good luck with choosing, but we hope on from our list has already caught your eye!

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