The top laptops for video editing 2016

The top laptops for video editing 2016

Are you searching for the perfect laptop for your video editing needs? Well if you are, you’re in for a treat, because here we have done the hard work for you, we have hunted down the best laptops that are available in 2016 and these are all ideal for your video editing requirements.

One point to mention is that even smart phones can edit videos, but they can only edit a video for one minute, so if you’re video editing needs are greater than this then you’re going to want to invest in a laptop to carry out the job professionally. Are you a professional video editor? If so then you are really going to want the very best video editing laptop that’s available, and luckily for you we have a selection of them right here.

When you need a laptop for video editing you have to consider many things and one very important thing is the laptop’s processing power and also other things too, for instance RAM, screen size and also the hard drive size.

So here we have a great selection of laptops that are great for video editing, and hopefully there will be your ideal choice amongst them. Let’s take a closer look and see.

The top 10 video editing laptops for 2016

  1. Asus ROG GL551JW – DS71 15.6 INCH FHD Gaming laptop NVIDIA GTX960M
  2. Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition VN7 – 791G – 71P5 17.3 INCH Full HD laptop
  3. Dell XPS 13 13.3 inch Touchscreen laptop (XPS9343 – 6364SLV)
  4. Lenovo Z70 17.3 inch laptop (80FG0037US) Black
  5. Apple MacBook Pro MGXC2LL/A 15.4 inch laptop with retina display (latest version)
  6. Toshiba CB35 –B3340 13.3 inch Chromebook 2 (full HD screen)
  7. Toshiba Satellite S955D – S5374 15.6 inch laptop (blue brushed aluminium)
  8. MSI GE70 Apache Pro – 012 17.3 inch laptop
  9. HP Pavilion 17.3 inch laptop computer AMD Elite Quad Core A8 – 5550M
  10. Asus N550JK – DS71T 15.6 inch FHD Touchscreen aluminium laptop

If you’re a video editor then there are a few important points well worth considering before you commit yourself to a new laptop, which will end up saving you time, hassle and money. If you use Adobe then you don’t want to be going for Chrome OS. The reason for this is simple Adobe just doesn’t exist on Chrome OS. You are better off going for Windows which is supported by Adobe and this makes it the best for video editing. You do however have a few options when it comes to using Chrome OS and that is WeVideo and also Magisto.

With Windows you can download codecs which will enable you to play on your laptop, as even Windows doesn’t support every single file type, just like Chrome OS doesn’t.

Chrome OS will do perfectly if you’re a casual user however if you’re a professional user then you’re going to want to invest in a Windows laptop. Apple iOS is another great choice too.

How to choose between Core i5 and Core i7?

They both support Hyper threading technology and are both from intel’s 4th generation family. Hyper threading technology will greatly increase your laptop’s performance as you carry out many different tasks. So you can be running many different applications at the same time for instance you could be browsing the net at the same time you are rendering a video.

Core i5 works perfectly and is great for heavy usage and you will experience very little in the way of lagging, crashing and freezing. However the Core i7 works even faster than the Core i5. Corei7 has been built especially for video editing and also audio rendering, making your user experience a great one.

If you’re looking for power, graphics, speed and performance you won’t get better than the Core i7, they really are the very best CPUs that are around, you really will be getting the very best that’s on the market. If you’re a professional video editor then the Core i7 is definitely a must for your needs, you won’t be disappointed.

The top 3 video editing laptops in 2016

  1. Asus ROG GTX960M

This laptop boasts a 15.6 inch screen which is just perfect for your video editing needs and is the very best laptop that’s available for video editing. With this model you really won’t be disappointed. It has an Intel Core processor and has graphics with Optimus Technology which makes for great video editing.

With this laptop you’ll be getting a full HD screen and you can edit your videos at 1080p. You will be getting the very best video editing performance thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience software. You really will be getting fantastic image quality too.

The battery life is just great with this laptop and the Optimus technology will automatically switch between integrated graphics and discrete graphics which will provide you with exactly the right performance you’ll need at exactly the time you need it, which means you’re work time will be much faster when it come to video editing.

If you’re a professional video editor then the Core i7 is perfect for all your video editing needs, and great news for you, this laptop has Core i7, which means you are getting the very best when you invest in this laptop, for your professional video editing needs this laptop is a must have!

  1. Acer Aspire V17

Did you know that Acer call Nitro a beast? Well yes they absolutely do and there is good reason for this, it’s just amazing and is the ideal choice if you’re a pro video editor. This model comes with a Core i7 processor and has a super large screen which comes in at 17.3 inches, which is f extremely high quality. With Acer you’re always guaranteed speed, power and productivity. This model will provide you with a very pleasant experience when it comes to editing and watching your videos.

Are you planning n editing your videos at night as well as day? Well if you are you’re in luck as this model has a nice surprise in store for you, as it has a red lighted keyboard, making your video editing at night much easier. This laptop is very compact yet packs a powerful punch, it’s amazing and definitely well worth adding to your list. It has a full HD IPS display which will offer you greatly detailed imagery form all different angles as well as offering you bright colours too. All in all, if you’re a pro, then this is a must have buy and well worth the investment.

  1. Dell XPS 13

This is just an amazing laptop and is extremely lightweight too, making it highly portable for you to be able to manage to carry it about in a bag or rucksack when you’re on the go. It is very slim and compact and is free from materials such as mercury, lead and phthalates. This laptop is said to be the greenest XPS on the mark, making it a perfect choice. With this laptop you’ll get Core i5 which isn’t as good as the Core i7 but is still awesome if you’re not a professional video editor. The screen is just amazing and goes from edge to edge, which means that there is no border, which makes it the perfect choice for video editing.

The screen has an Ultra Sharp QHD + screen resolution and measures in at 13.3 inches. The design of the model is great and is so lightweight you’ll be able to carry it around with you when you’re on the go, so although it’s lightweight it really is feature packed for your video editing needs. This is the perfect choice f you’re looking for a compact, lightweight, green laptop that’s full of great features and you’re not bothered by it having Core i5 and not Corei7, which is mainly used by professional video editors anyway.

Final thoughts

As you can see there are many great laptops that are available in 2016 that are perfect for video editing. We have selected the top 10 here and have gone into detail about the top 3 and they are all amazing for your video editing needs. One of the main points to consider however is whether or not you want to go for the Core i5 or the Core i7. Obviously the Core i7 will be more expensive, but if you’re a professional video editor then it will be worth the investment. If however you’re a more casual video editor then the Core i5 will do you perfectly and will be cheaper too.

All the best with choosing your new video editing laptop, we hope our guide has been of great use to you and that you may have already found the perfect laptop for your needs, we really do hope so!

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